12 Must-Know Hacks When Working From Home: When Pajamas All Day Is Not Okay

“Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Working from home is the greatest thing ever, right? Right?

Well, yes and no.

The lack of commuting- definitely a win. The avoidance of annoying coworkers- not so bad.

The having to totally and completely motivate yourself to do everything or it won’t get done- well, that part can sometimes be, to say the least, a challenge.

It’s not a mystery why this is the way it is.

When there is no clear separation between work and play spaces, things can get a little fuzzy.

The TV calls out, because c’mon, you work hard and don’t you deserve a little relaxing? Wouldn’t that nap help to pep you back up for the afternoon? It won’t hurt to just check social media really quick, will it? No wonder we sometimes struggle!

These 12 tips, when implemented, will really save your productivity (and your back, and your sanity) and make working from home work.

1. Your bed is not your friend. And getting out of it is not optional (sorry).

2. Turn off the TV. I mean it. Turn it off. Netflix is just way too much fun.

3. Don’t eat your procrastination. Back away from the fridge slowly.

4. Go outside… and bring the outside in. Get some fresh air and let some in!

5. Shower. Just do it. It can be hard to get motivated, but don’t you always feel better after?

6. Dress like it matters. It doesn’t have to be heels! Yoga pants can be okay. But you are officially banned from sweats (let’s just throw those out in general, shall we?)

7. Minimize distractions. Turn off all the dings, beeps, and rings and settle in for some focused work.

8. Intentionally take time to laugh. Give yourself permission to take a break and get in some time with something that makes you laugh from the deepest part of your belly. It feels so good.

9. Deafen the silence. Quiet can sometimes be too quiet and then all you can hear is the quiet. Some light classical background music, white noise, outdoor sounds, or other sounds can make it easier to work effectively.

10. Move, move, move. It’s said sitting is the new smoking, and don’t Americans sit way too much? Move your body and feel the good endorphins rush in!

11. Take a lunch- and make it long. Lunch is your time to get away- literally. Leave the house if you can, meet a buddy and take time to smile and talk. It’s not being unproductive to take time to feed your body and soul for an hour. It’s good for you!

12. Invite serenity in. Scented candles, fresh air, a warm fireplace, soothing music, beautiful photos… whatever it may be that soothes you, make it a part of your home and your workspace. We’re affected by our surroundings more than we often realize. Make them pleasant as much as you can!

What is your favorite work from home hack?

Until next time, lifers.



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