Less truly is more. 

Less stress for more fun. Less regret for more joy. Less worry for more peace. Less stuff for more time.

Focusing on the principles of beauty and simplicity, every week new posts will be released.

We’ll get down to the nitty gritty, giving practical tips on everything from home decor to organization to life coaching to forgiveness to leading your best life.

It’s all about getting real and being authentic so we can learn from one another. This site is all about you and I am here to serve you and enhance your life!

So why me? I’ve truly seen and experienced (almost) it all. To name just a few things:

  • Growing up in the home of a hoarder
  • Being the relative of a famously murdered person
  • Experiencing multiple accounts of sexual abuse as a child
  • Spending over a decade as a professional organizer & household manager
  • Writing a bestselling novel
  • Being a children’s advocate
  • … And so much more.

I’m here to share my lessons and insights with you, and be a positive presence in your life. Life coaching, counseling, and all things productivity are my absolute passion.

The mission of The Life With Less is simple: to provide you with the life that was meant for you: a life with more.

Decided that you’re ready for more? Let’s go on this journey together.

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Throughout the site, you’ll see the term ‘lifer’ and it’s a term of endearment so to speak. You’re here, on my site, so I know you’re a lot like me.

You want to be the very best version of yourself and I’m here to help you do it… for life.

I’ve got your back.

Until next time, lifer!