The ONLY Resolution You Need To Make In 2018

“We are defined by our actions toward others, not others’ actions toward us.” -Anonymous

A brand new year is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

It’s a time to reflect and reevaluate what’s most important and prioritize the best things in life. A time when we all make lists and resolutions and promises to ourselves that this year will be different. And you know what, it just may be.

I’ve got my own list of things I’d love to do (like completely cutting out sugar starting today!) and I’ll be sharing my journey and results as every thirty days I tackle a new task.

But in reality, I only truly have one resolution this year, and I’m thinking deep down it may be yours too: to be a better human.

That’s it. My one and only.

Here are eight mini resolutions (I resolve statements, if you will) to help us all reach that one huge goal.

Do even one of them, and I promise you’ll be better for it. Really, you will.

1. I resolve to love others. Especially when they’re unlovable.

2. I resolve to be kind. Even when that person cuts me off in traffic.

3. I resolve to treat every person I meet with dignity. Even that person who treats me like trash.

4. I resolve to assume the best. Even when circumstances are pushing me to think the worst.

5. I resolve to choose gentleness. Even on days the world is especially gruff.

6. I resolve to spread joy. Even when others spread bad news and hate.

7. I resolve to have an open heart. Even when I’m tempted to close myself off.

8. I resolve to be my best and to help others do the same. Even when it’s tough… and it will be. It’s life.

So that is my simple, but powerful resolution for this year: to be a better human. 

I’m super focused on many small improvements this year- cutting out sugar, turning off the tv, getting up earlier, and lots more- but this, this is my focus. This is what’s important.

As you begin this first day of 2018, I hope you will join me in starting a revolution of kindness, love, and resolving to inspire others.

What’s one way you plan to change the world for the better this year?

Until next time, lifers.


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