The Top Podcasts That Are Actually Worth Your Time

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” 

-Henry Ford

1. Happier, Gretchen Rubin & Liz Craft

Category: Self Help, Life Hacks, Happiness

Description: Grab a cup of coffee and sit down with Gretchen and Liz for a sisterly talk. 

Happy, happy, happy. All things happy. But also… all things real. This show gets right down to it every week. All the practical hacks you need to deal with that over-the-top in-law or micromanaging boss and so much more. Every episode has a happiness hack as well as demerits and gold stars (Gretchen’s favorite!).

Plus, there’s lots of input from the listeners so you feel included and part of the community at all times. I’ve been quite the Rubinite (as I like to call it) for years and years, but even if you’re not (yet), you’re gonna love this show.

Where To Connect:, @gretchenrubin, @lizcraft


2.The Chalene Show, Chalene Johnson

Category: Life Coaching, Hacks

Description: Get ready to hang out with your new bff and leave super inspired to be your best self.

Chalene Johnson is life, y’all. But for real. I love this woman! She’s fierce, she’s driven, she’s smart, she’s funny, and so much more. She’s basically everything, all the time. Listening to her podcasts, you’ll quickly feel like you’ve gained a new best friend, a person who truly gets you. She’s that friend everyone wants, the one who understands where you’re at, but also pushes you to where you can be. If you need encouragement, inspiration, motivation, or just a personal cheerleader, you’re gonna love you some Chalene. Side note: she’s also where I learned the term “lifer,” which I use constantly, so y’all know my love is real!

Where To Connect:, @chalenejohnson


3. The Simple Show, Tsh Oxenreider

Category: Simplicity, Organization & Productivity

DescriptionIt’s time to get down to the basics of life, and let the rest fall away.  

The Simple Show is amazing! I literally just discovered this podcast a few months back and I cannot. stop. listening. Her voice is super pleasant to listen to (which, let’s be real, this stuff matters on a podcast, am I right!?) and her episodes are both practical and pleasant. They cover travel, organization, life stages, productivity, and every single topic is covered with truth and grace that just feels right on a heart level. I can listen to her talk all day and still be longing for that next episode! And for all y’all wondering, that’s her real name: Tsh (pronounced “Tish), not a typo! 🙂

Where To Connect:, @tsh


4The Dave Ramsey Show, Dave Ramsey

Category: Money Management & Debt Freedom

DescriptionYou’re in charge of your money, and therefore, your life. 

Dave literally changed my life. With his help and a ton of hard work, I paid off nearly $80k of debt in a few years and have been better for it ever since. I’ve spent some time with him in person and he’s as genuine and down to earth as he comes across on the radio. If you are looking to get serious about money management, debt reduction, or simply being intentional in your budgeting, this guy will get you there. His straightforward, simple ways of dealing with life and money are awesome.

Where To Connect:, @daveramsey


5. Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn

Category: Business & Brand Building

Description: What you love is what you are meant to do (and will be reflected in what you earn). 

I didn’t know about Pat Flynn until a few months back, and I was like where have you been all my life?! when I found him. I love Pat Flynn. Love, love, love. Everything about this guy, his approach to life, business, branding, and even family, is just so spot on. He’s not afraid to share his failures and his victories equally, so that you can learn from them for your best life. He deals largely with brand building, passive income, website structure, blogging, and so much more. If you’re in business in any capacity, you cannot go wrong listening to this guy.

Where To Connect:, @patflynn


What is your favorite podcast?

Until next time, lifers.




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