He’s Just That Into You: Six Signs He’s Hooked For Life

Are you wondering if he’s just that into you?

Here’s six surefire signs that he’s hooked for life.

  1. He initates communication first… a lot. Texts, emails, phone calls, messages, FaceTime, anything. He just wants to talk to you all the time, however he can. First thing in the morning, last thing at night, middle of the day… doesn’t matter when it is – you know you’ll hear from him.
  2. He remembers every word you said, even things you forgot you said. He can quote back to you a funny joke or story you told him six months ago, or remember exactly what you said in a fight, or give you the word-for-word of a promise you made, or a compliment you gave him. Why? Because he can’t help but remember. He’s crazy in love with you and he lives for the sound of your voice. 
  3. He’s interested in anything related to you. You can bet this guy is all up on your Facebook page, rewatching that movie he knows is your favorite, listening to the song that’s on repeat on your playlist. Why? You’re into it and he’s into you and it makes him feel closer to who you are at your core.
  4. He wants to know the details no one else would really care to know. Like your absolute favorite superhero (hello, Batman), your childhood nickname, what you’re doing at any given second, the things that make you laugh until you’re literally crying… all those little things that make you you.
  5. He can’t control his smile (or heartbeat or face) when he sees you. When a man is really in love with you, it’s all over his face. He breaks out into a smile when he sees you because you’re just so gorgeous and sweet and amazing and… everything. He couldn’t hide it if he tried. He stares at you and can’t break eye contact with those heartbreak eyes. He feels out of control of his body and his heart, but in a really, really good way. 
  6. He can’t stay away, even when he tries. Literally, he can’t. Addiction, attraction, affection, call it what you will, but this guy just can’t get enough. He needs to see you. To hold you, to touch you, to be with you, to claim you as his own. You’re a part of him and no one but you can fill that void, and truth is, he wouldn’t want anyone else to. No one gets him like you do, he can be his truest self when he’s with you, and all day long he’s thinking about one thing (even when he tries not to) … you.

So, what’s the verdict, lifers?

Is he just that into you?

Comment below with how you knew

he was hooked.


Until next time, lifers.



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