Unfriending Facebook For Good: The Best Decision I Made in 2017

“Facebook is like a fridge. You keep checking it, but there’s nothing good.” -Anonymous

Blank stares. Wrinkled foreheads. Questions of “What? … Why?”

That was pretty much the general consensus of reactions I got a year ago when I got off of Facebook… completely.

This wasn’t one of those casual breaks, few week deactivations, or mad-at-someone knee-jerk reactions either. There was no political rant I was trying to avoid at the time or off-the-wall relative trying to contact me. In fact, there was no certain reason.

I guess I was just kind of… over it. 

I’d been on Facebook since it’s release in 2004. It was fun at first, especially in my college years, and to keep in touch with people after the fact.  At the point I decided to step away I’d been a member for 12 years (okay, I’m only 30, but I’m officially feeling old typing this!), so I definitely wasn’t a newbie or occasional user. It was an every day thing for me.

But, I’m generally the kind of person who likes to use my time carefully. As in, only on things I really, really care about. And frankly, Facebook just wasn’t making the list anymore.

So to shock and awe from everyone who knew me, I deleted my account.

And here’s what happened in the year following.

While I can’t say it all happened simply because I cleared some time (I was never a super crazy Facebook user anyway), I can confidently say it helped and was a huge contributing factor.

For once, I was focusing on the most important things and prioritizing. . .  beginning with unfriending Facebook.

Here’s what happened next. 

  1. I actually started connecting with people more. You know, those elusive, somewhere amidst the friends list people I really, truly loved and wanted to talk to and have be a part of my life. We’d text. We’d hang. We’d go out for dinner and a movie. We still don’t talk on the phone, (because listen people, I’m an introvert and in order to talk on the phone to someone, they’d have to be my favorite person on the planet). But the point was, the more disconnected I was . . . the more I actually became connected.
  2. I started seeing and experiencing things around me besides my phone screenSmiles, sunsets, the smell of the rain, the laughter of a child, the sound of the waves on the beach as the sun hit my face. So many awesome, beautiful things suddenly seemed more important and new and exciting than that tiny piece of plastic boasting a newsfeed of what people ate for dinner, who was stalking who, etc. Instead of looking at pictures of people on a picnic, I’d go on a picnic myself, and it was totally better.
  3. I found my inner entrepreneurI started a company, did significant work on a screenplay, released a new edition of my first novel, built a social media tribe (15k and counting), shared my written work with a whole new audience, developed relationships and contacts, and learned like a beast. This year alone, I went from not listening to podcasts at all to over 1,000 (and counting). And trust me, I don’t just sit around listening to podcasts all day. I do so while driving, walking, cleaning, laundry, pretty much every free second. I’ve taken webinars and improved my mind significantly in the time I used to just scroll without reason.
  4. I became the best physically that I’ve been in years. Through all my learning and reading and personal development, I discovered the ketogenic diet along the way and it literally changed my world. I felt the best I’ve ever felt, got rid of brain fog, my clothes were suddenly way too big for me, and people I’d known for a decade were commenting that I’ve never looked as good as I do now. And the absolute best part? I don’t even care what I weigh or what size jeans I wear. I feel healthy and confident and know I’m treating my body the very best I ever have. The fact that my pants fall off when I eat bacon (*moment of love for bacon here*) is just a bonus.

So, turns out, getting off Facebook was pretty awesome for me.

I occasionally miss keeping up with a friend or two, but overall, it’s been one of the best decisions ever for me. In fact, the only social media I do now is business related, and that’s just fine by me.

Simplifying and unplugging from Facebook and plugging into to something way more important- myself, and my real life connections and goals- was the best decision I made in 2017.

Turns out, eliminating something seemingly insignificant can sometimes change your entire life for the better. And speaking of elimination. . . My goals for next year? Less.

Every month in 2018, I will be cutting out one negative thing/habit/addiction for an entire thirty days and replacing it with something positive in its place.

I’ll be recording my journey along the way and am thrilled for you to join me on it.

January’s goal? The life with less sugar. 

30 days. NO sugar. At all. It’s gonna get real. 

What’s one thing you’d love to eliminate in 2018? 

Until next time, lifers.



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