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From the blood relative of Pulitzer Prize Winner & famed Southern author William Faulkner comes a new ebook… on preorder now for a limited time.

Purchase price includes:

  • Ebook copy of Beautifully Broken, the 2018 anthology by Writer Scribbles, containing over 1,000 original poems and quotes on life, love, and the healing power of both. Readers have called Emily’s work “genius… powerful… emotional… soul-stirring…” and so much more.
  • One ebook copy of The Heart of a Child, Emily’s #1 bestselling fiction novel deemed “heartwarming and lovely” by Writer’s Digest and compared by readers to “a modern-day To Kill A Mockingbird.” Instant download!
  • One 24 hour personalized Instagram story shoutout.
  • One permanent personalized Instagram post.



All purchases will be sent to the provided email address on April 1, 2018 (ebook’s release date) and you will receive it before anyone else.

Enjoy! This deal won’t last long. Don’t miss out.



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