The Worry-Free Week: Finding Beauty In Each Day

“Life is beautiful, if you let it be.”

-Emily Nelson

It can be a real challenge to see the good in life some days. Those times when all we can focus on is what could go wrong, what challenges lie ahead, and what negativity could occur seem to be more frequent than we’d like them to be many times.

So, what can we do to remedy this? How can we refocus our hearts and minds to let go of the worry and see the beauty in life each day? Here are five tips to help us today, because today is all we have.

1. Look for it. Open your senses to the world around you and watch how it enraptures your heart. Let nature in. Breathe in the fresh air, bask in the sunlight, and listen to the birds sing, the trees sway in the wind, and the sound of life happening all around you.

2. Dwell on the good, over and over, all day long. The thoughts we think and the words we speak to ourselves are so powerful. Our entire day can be shaped and formed by what we believe about it. So choose to look for the positive, dwell on the good, and focus on the joy of life. If you love life, I promise it will love you back.

3. Act on the instinct to do good. This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m having an off day! We should always act on our instincts to do good. Often we think, “I could…” but we never do. When we feel an instinct to do good to a fellow human being and act on it, it’s an instant joy booster to both us and the person or organization we are helping. It’s so hard not to see how beautiful life really is when you are impacting the life and the heart of another person.

4. Spend time with an innocent soul. There is little that is more beautiful and refreshing for the spirit. Listen to a child’s belly laugh and join in. Pet a brand new kitten and listen to its purr. Avoid the news or anything slanted towards cynicism and negativity. Soak in that which enriches and encourages growth in each moment.

5. Take time for yourself. Every person who has ever lived has had to take some time away for themselves. It is wonderful and helps the soul to have private time. We should use this time to do whatever is refreshing for your soul— curl up with a good book and hot chocolate, pray, meditate, listen to some soothing music or take a hot bubble bath. Relaxing helps us to feel refreshed and helps us to see the beauty in ourselves.

How are you embracing today, in all its amazing beauty?

Until next time, lifers.





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