6 Truths You Must Embrace To Live A Fulfilling Life

  1. What others say or think doesn’t determine who you are. Don’t treat another’s opinion of you or your life as fact. You determine who you are- not anyone else.

  2. Just because it’s extended doesn’t mean it must be accepted (invitation, commitment, etc)Your time does not belong to everyone but you. But isn’t that how we treat it sometimes? Make sure to evaluate every item on your calendar and make sure it matches up with your own values and goals.

  3. Your priorities are not automatically mine. This one goes hand in hand with evaluating your time commitments. Take a close look at your priorities and see if they really belong to you. Did you want to sign up for that? Do you care about the cause you’re raising money for? Do your kids even enjoy that dance class, or did you sign up because of outside pressure?

  4. What you believe impacts what you receive. Attitude and outlook don’t make our lives all positive, but they certainly can bring us positive things, experiences, and people. You have to believe in yourself, your life, your goals, dreams, and visions before you can expect anyone else to.

  5. There’s more where that came from. I first heard this on the awesome Michael Hyatt’s podcast (credit to his wife Gail) and I found it too beautiful not to share. It’s the abundance mindset- there’s more where that came from. It shuts down the fear-of-missing-out mindset and realizes there’s plenty in the world for us all. In essence, there’s more where that came from.

  6. Everest is climbed one step at a time. Life, projects, planning, raising kids, and so many things can just seem so overwhelming when taken as a whole. But you don’t have to worry about reaching the summit on day one. Life happens one breath, one moment, one step, and one day at a time. Let it. Don’t try to run ahead of life. You’ll miss the beauty along the path.

What truth do you relate to most in your journey through life?

Until next time, lifers.

Love you more,